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Welcome!  IAQ Direct carries products to improve your air quality, increase your
comfort and save on your electric bill.  We offer UV lights, blower speed controls,
power saving devices, filter systems and whole-house air cleaners.
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HVAC Blower motor speed control for your heating/air
conditioning system
.  Improve Comfort,  Save Money,  
Control Humidity, Improve Indoor Air Quality
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Whole-house electronic air cleaners
slide right into your existing filter slot or
grille!  Easy to install!  Watch the video
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High Output Germicidal UV System reduces
or eliminates bio-aerosols such as viruses,
bacteria and molds.  The ideal companion for
the Whole-House electronic air cleaner.
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UV lamps & replacement ballasts for many UV systems
ClarionHEALTH, PermaClean, Bluray,
Ultra-Sterile, Black Viper, Pure Breeze, NETCO,
ProAir, Heat Seal, EverGlow, EverFlow
and others.
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UV Lamp Tester, an invaluable tool for anyone who works
with UV systems.  Portable and battery-operated, makes
troubleshooting as easy as pushing a button.
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Custom-made cold cathode UV systems for heating and
air conditioning improve air quality and reduce allergens.  
Extra long life, made specifically for HVAC systems and
nothing else.
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